Virtual Data Room

The full diversity of services

Do you already know something of Virtual Rooms? If you answer «yes», then you fully appreciate in what way they can make our lives easier. But the changes take place every day and nowadays we have such a wide selection of services that it is really effortful to choose only one. Therefore, we arrived at a decision to to be a mate for you and offer you the choice of the most known of them via.

Ethos Data

The following vdr service opened its doors in 2001. It is not expensive, so everyone can afford it. For a start, you have a chance to have a 14-day free attempt. It gives you such benefits as noctidial customer support, search system, multilingual support, and so on. This service is SSAE 16 certified like listed here.


Ansarada was founded in 2005. The unusual thing about it is that it was made especially for M&A deals. Thus, this provider knows everything about tools in what way to make your transactions easier. It does not possess a gratis try, so you should rely on the reviews about it. This virtual data room works only with English. If you require help, you are able to communicate with their day-and-night customer support and This service is ISO 27001 certified, so you must not worry about the safeness of your data.

Merrill Datasite

You will hear exceptionally pleasant opinions about this virtual provider. It is reported that it is inexpensive, easy-to-use, and possesses the splendid personnel. This virtual data room was founded in 2008. The unique thing about it is a 60-day free trial. No other service presents such an opportunity. By the same token, you have control over everything with its help. You have a chance to negotiate with your bidders, constrain their admission to the online data room, check their interest, conceal some documents, and so forth. Merrill Datasite recognizes large numbers of foreign languages, so your customers from all over the world will feel comfortable. And by all means, it has an around-the-clock technical assistance.

Confiex Data

This data room collaborates with such organizations as Hero, Rothschild,VVF, and others. This service is reputed to be sumptuous because of the minimum price of 2500$/per half a year. And if you do not want to spend such sums of money, think of other more moderate services, which will give the same quality. This service possesses ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certifications.

Intralinks Dealspace

The debut of this virtual data room occurred in 1996. That is the reason why we can name it an innovator. It is ISO 27001, SOC 2, and SSAE 16 certified. The 14-day gratuitous attempt will be a great possibility for you to test everything on your own via. If you have a desire, your documents can be saved on DVD or USD Drive, so you have a chance to use it if you do not have the Internet access. It is available for computers and cellular phones. This data room has a deal with 8 languages, so you can easily carry on negotiations with partners from different corners of the Earth.

In sum, we should draw a conclusion that there is a great variety of providers but pay attention to the safeness of your deeds and other weighty peculiarities like.